In keeping with its tradition of delivering world-class education and transforming the region through discovery and research, the UAE’s top ranked university has opened the country’s first medical school and museum. The permanent Body Museum follows the unprecedented success of the region’s first-ever Body Worlds Exhibition, a traveling exposition of dissected, plastinated human bodies that was hosted by Khalifa University in 2019 at the Main Campus and remained open for six months.

The permanent exposition of dissected human bodies focuses on presenting both regional and systems-based anatomy in healthy adult individuals. There is also a dedicated section highlighting the effects of lifestyle diseases and pathological processes on human organs.

The Body Museum is a not-for-profit museum aimed at inspiring visitors and residents of the UAE to adopt a healthy lifestyle and consider studying medicine and health sciences. Open to the public, the Museum is the perfect addition to Khalifa University, which is committed to advancing knowledge for the betterment of humanity.


As an entity owned and managed by Khalifa University—an independent, non-profit educational institution mandated to lead the transformation of the UAE into a global leader in science and technology—the Body Museum contributes to the university’s goal of educating, inspiring, and elevating future generations to living healthy and informed lives. The museum places education as its primary focus. As part of Abu Dhabi’s first medical college, we also aim to measure an increase in interest and registration to Khalifa University’s College of Medicine and Health Sciences.

The Body Museum is meant to inspire visitors young and old alike. By looking under the skin at the mechanisms of the human body and observing the tangible differences between healthy living and unhealthy living, visitors will develop a stronger understanding of the impact of our diet and lifestyle on our physical wellbeing. We hope that visitors leave the Body Museum with a renewed passion and respect for their own bodies.